Incorporating the updates to the Roman Missal, Third Edition, Be My Disciples offers engaging lessons that lead young disciples to higher levels of moral thinking and a deeper initiation into a life of prayer. Through exploration, discovery, and decision-making, children are invited to accept the challenge to follow Jesus and learn and practice the skills needed to be active disciples.

Be My Disciples shares the Christian story in a catechumenal methodology, using reflection on Scripture and doctrine, plus a prayer celebration in every class and during all the major seasons of the Church year. It initiates children into the community of faith and challenges them to discipleship.

Help students look at Scripture stories and their relevance in a new way, with bright and appealing artwork that begs a story to be told — and told again.

Our Be My Disciples program will help you meet the needs of the students and families you serve as they grow in the knowledge of their faith and live as disciples of Jesus.

Using a balanced approach, Be My Disciples is an innovative religion curriculum that empowers students and their families to answer the call to discipleship. This approach is validated by new insights in education today.

  • Be My Disciples invites children to discipleship through its catechumenal methodology.
  • Be My Disciples teaches Scripture, Doctrine, and Liturgical celebration through its spiral structure.
  • Be My Disciples challenges children to integrate faith and life through activities and faith choices.

Online resources are available for children, parents, catechists, and program directors.

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