All of RCL Benziger’s school resources are rooted in the rich and diverse tradition of the Catholic faith. Our school resources invite students to begin their journey of faith through an exploration of Scripture and Tradition, using researched-based educational strategies and age-appropriate techniques.

We support the efforts of Catholic schools in providing families energetic and engaging ways to explore and live out the Catholic faith. Cross-curriculum activities and inquiry-based learning encourage students to encounter Christ and become disciples in our digital age.

RCL Benziger is pleased to announce that we now offer even more quality resources for Catholic Schools through Kendall Hunt Publishing.

Kendall Hunt is the premiere publisher of innovative, hands-on, inquiry-based and virtual reality science, mathematics, and gifted curricula for grades K-12. Their award-winning research and standards-based programs are available in both print and digital components that fully engage students, teachers, and parents.

RCL Benziger proudly supports you in nurturing the whole child through faith-based education, and we are dedicated to helping you create the most enriching learning experiences for children with our array of print and digital resources.

Preschool (ages 3–4 or 4–5) • Kindergarten

The Scripture-based format of Stories of God’s Love begins where every catechesis should begin—by touching children’s hearts with the Gospel message. With this complete religion readiness program, young children learn about God’s love through age-appropriate Scripture stories and engaging stories of their own lives. A team of respected early childhood specialists wrote Stories of God’s Love with a choice of either single-day or multi-day formats for ages 3–4, 4–5, and kindergarten.

Stories of God’s Love offers:

  • A Scripture-based approach, presenting the Bible as the source for learning about God
  • Age-appropriate formation with story leaflets and seasonal leaflets
  • Separate parish and school guides that meet the needs of both parish and Catholic school programs with a choice of either single-day or multi-day formats
  • A family focus that helps children and their families live Christian values
  • Online support for children, parents, catechists, and teachers
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School Student Books, Grades K–8

Blest Are We Faith in Action honors the thematic approach, content, and teaching format of our treasured Blest Are We Faith and Word series. Each grade level features cover art that exemplifies a story from Scripture, highlighting that grade level’s theme. Visually appealing and theologically sound with an enhanced design, Blest Are We Faith in Action engages today’s learner on their formative journey.

The ever-changing developmental needs and aptitudes of young people are met with these key features:

  • Faith in Action pages for each chapter, establishing a strong connection to Catholic Social Teaching
  • Redesigned Take Home pages, supporting families in the faith formation of their children
  • Increased focus on children with special learning needs, addressing practical ways to adapt lessons
  • eBooks, music, web support, and eAssessment resources, engaging young learners through digital integration

Blest Are We Faith in Action supports you in teaching and developing digital disciples. Students will enjoy interactive connections with their textbooks, while teachers will find a variety of useful content for helping students on their formative journey of faith.

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Faith First Legacy Edition School offers an effective spiral method. Every year, on every grade level, doctrinal lessons on all four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church deepen age-appropriate understanding.

In-depth Scripture study chapters encourage children to read the Bible and apply its meaning for today, and seasonal materials help make connections with the liturgical life of the parish.

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Family Life Education-an essential component of a faith formation curriculum!

Use Family Life to:
  • Educate young people on the appropriate use of the Internet and social media
  • Support parents in raising and educating their children with the tools to help them make the right choices
  • Pass on Gospel values to live by: honesty, courage, self-discipline, fidelity, and chastity
  • Build strong families, live and share Christian values, and promote child safety

We know you want to provide young people and their families with the education they need to live wholesome, healthy lives that are founded on the faith of the Church. In fact, the need has never been greater for a family-based program that provides resources for chaste living, child safety, and faith formation. RCL Benziger’s Family Life series meets all of these needs.

Family Life equips children to deal with modern challenges in appropriate ways, using language and concepts they can readily understand and practice. It guides children, their parents, teachers, and catechists to integrate five themes of Catholic family living: God’s gifts of family, self, life, love, and community.

NEW Online eAssessment Platform

RCL Benziger’s new eAssessment platform provides your Catholic school with the ability to monitor, track, and report completion of the Child Safety Education Standards for our Family Life program. This resource enables you to measure comprehension based upon your parish, school, or diocesan guidelines and requirements, including the Mission and Catholic Identity and Academic Excellence standards.

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Catholic Textbook Project History series: History books that form Catholic Identity

Students attending Catholic Schools deserve to learn all of history in their classrooms, including the significant historical impact of saints, religious orders, and lay Catholic men and women over the past 2,000 years. Our textbooks bring history to life by using a narrative format that engages student interest and invites them into the story of history. The grade-specific offerings include fourth grade to high school. Join schools in every diocese who are choosing to have their Catholic identity permeate their entire curriculum while reigniting their students’ curiosity and interest.

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Explore K-12 Math, Science and Gifted Curricula

RCL Benziger, as part of the Kendall Hunt family of companies, offers math, science, virtual reality and gifted curricula. Kendall Hunt’s award-winning research and standards-based programs are available in both print and digital components that fully engage students, teachers and parents.

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Credo is a faith-centered program, underpinned by a strong social justice element that guides high school students from information to formation to transformation, and opens their hearts and minds to the richness of the Catholic faith tradition.

Reaches high school students through their lived experience

  • Features a fully-integrated website, supporting teachers and students
  • Meets the needs of savvy learners and enhances the curriculum through ebooks
  • Implements the doctrinal elements of the new Curriculum Framework
  • Offers all of the core and elective subjects featured in the framework
  • Stays true to both solid theology and sound educational pedagogy
  • Is in Conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Credo series provides young people with a faith-centered framework within which they will find meaning and purpose for their lives.

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