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All of RCL Benziger’s parish resources are rooted in the rich and diverse tradition of the Catholic faith. Our faith formation programs provide an excellent foundation for a lifetime of faith. These parish resources nourish the spiritual wellbeing of each child with the richness of God’s Word, the Church’s teachings, and liturgical expression. Catechists and catechetical leaders are equiped with the tools to foster an environment of Catholic values for learners of all ages and to celebrate these diverse traditions within the Catholic Church. RCL Benziger is committed through our products to support parish life and faith formation by providing families energetic and engaging ways to express and celebrate the Catholic faith.


RCL Benziger’s complete solution to religion readiness education. Stories of God’s Love is available for both preschool (ages 3-4 or 4-5) and kindergarten.  It follows the USCCB’s “Guidelines for Pre-School Materials” and was written by a team of early childhood specialists.  This program also meets the early learning standards of the National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC). Stories of God’s Love serves as the foundational program for ages 3–4, 4–5, and kindergarten for parishes.

Stories of God’s Love offers:

  • A Scripture-based approach, presenting the Bible as the source for learning about God
  • Age-appropriate formation with story leaflets and seasonal leaflets
  • Lessons of We Celebrate Holy Days and Holidays; includes a Catholic Prayers page
  • A family focus that helps children and their families live Christian values
  • Available virtues based magazine for families 

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Give children a sound foundation that leads to faith in action!

Be My Disciples is an innovative and complete religious education program that empowers students and their families to answer the call to discipleship. This new program will lead children and their families to grow in their conversion to Jesus Christ, to develop the habits of discipleship, and to decide each day to choose life in Christ. Using a balanced approach, Be My Disciples is validated by new insights in education today.

Be My Disciples:

  • Invites children to discipleship through its catechumenal methodology
  • Teaches Scripture, doctrine, and liturgical celebration through its spiral structure
  • Challenges children to integrate faith and life through activities and faith choices

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Blest Are We Faith In Action

New Parish Program for Grades K–8

Key Features:

  • Beautifully illustrated covers depicting key Scripture stories
  • A new design that is visually appealing to digital natives with an emphasis on digital technology
  • Updated Take Homepages for each \chapter that engage families in the faith formation of children in an easy and accessible way
  • Increased focus on children with special needs, with teaching tips for catechists in every chapter
  • A Faith in Actionfeature that establishes a strong connection to Catholic Social Teaching


Each unit of Blest Are We Faith in Actionis based on a particular theme or area of Catholic belief and practice. This theme is studied over four individual chapters that correspond to the four pillars of the Catechism:

  • What Catholics Believe
  • How Catholics Worship
  • How Catholics Live
  • How Catholics Pray

In this way the essentials of Catholic teaching are presented in an integrated and balanced approach that helps children learn and deepen their faith and Catholic identity.

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Select the sacramental catechesis that fits your needs.

The foundations of each of our Sacrament preparation programs are Sacred Scripture, Church teaching, life experience, ritual, and prayer. Our materials focus on engaging children, youth, and their families in developing deeper relationships with Jesus Christ; in preparing children and youth to receive the Sacraments; and in helping families become more active participants in the life of the Church.

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Build strong families, live and share Christian values, and promote child safety!

RCL Benziger’s Family Life (K-8) integrates child safety content within the framework of moral catechesis and Catholic family living. New for the Family Life program is an online eAssessment platform which provides educators with the ability to measure mastery based upon parish, school, or diocesan requirements.

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Parish Student Books, Levels 1–6

Features in the Parish student books serve the needs of religion programs with:

  • Age-appropriate summary of Church teaching
  • Important Scripture knowledge and skills
  • 11 lessons for liturgical seasons and feasts
  • Take Home family pages
  • Faith in Action, which builds a sense of belonging

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Separate Guides for Parish or School
Both teacher and catechist guides give you easy-to-follow, flexible plans, along with the background information, teaching tips, and resources you need to bring lessons to life for young people.

Simple, Yet Effective, Three-Step Process
The Engage, Teach and Apply, Connect format keeps young people focused as they discover and learn, then apply and reinforce learning with integration activities. Practical connections to real life help young people see that faith is alive and active.

Activities and Assessment Tools
A variety of activities and assessment instruments are included for every chapter and unit of each student book.

Called to Prayer and Liturgical Lessons
These reproducible resources for all the weeks of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost connect teens with the liturgical life of the parish. Prayer services using a variety of styles of prayer inspire teens to worship.

Helping Kids Live Their Faith
This book explores the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching and includes age-appropriate service projects.

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