National Bible Week

During National Bible Week, encourage the children in your religious education programs or at home with the family to honor the Bible and proclaim the Word of God.

  • Invite the children to prepare for prayer. Reverently hold a Bible slightly above your head and lead them in procession to the prayer space.
  • After a moment of silence, lead the class or the family in praying one of the developmentally appropriate prayers available below.
  • Use a hand gesture to invite the children or family members to join in when you want them to pray their parts of the prayer.
  • After the prayer, place the Bible on the prayer table and reverence the Bible by standing before it and slightly bowing your head. Invite each child or family member to come forward and do the same.
Grade 1
Listen to God’s Word

Grade 2
Enough for Everyone

Grade 3
Do What I Have Done

Grade 4
Do Not Worry

Grade 5
Do Whatever He Tells You!

Grade 6
To Bring Glad Tidings

Celebrate together the Sacred Scriptures, God’s own Word to us. Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.