The Credo series opens high school students to the richness of the Catholic faith tradition!

RCL Benziger is pleased to announce an exclusive United States distribution agreement with Veritas, publishers of the Credo high school series, a comprehensive presentation of the Catholic faith for U.S. high school students. The Credo series encourages students to live their lives in response to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Students are called upon to live as people of faith through prayer, reflection, and meditation.

Credo includes a strong social justice theme that uses the Shared Christian Praxis pedagogy of “life to faith to life,” to guide students. The online component that accompanies the series is a dynamic, innovative, and interactive resource that puts technology at the service of religious educators.

The Credo series has been written to conform to the USCCB Curriculum Framework. Credo provides young people with a faith-centered framework within which they will find meaning and purpose for their lives and opens students to the richness of the Catholic faith tradition.

We are passionate and excited to help you bring the Credo series to your high school.

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Faith Alive

Faith Alive: An introduction to the Catholic faith for prospective High School students

Faith Alive is a concise introduction to some of the key faith teachings and faith practices of the Catholic Church. It is aimed specifically at students who haven’t previously attended Catholic schools, students from different faith backgrounds, international students, and any students who would benefit from a revision course before beginning their High School RE program.

Faith Alive will give students a good grounding in the Catholic faith and a common faith vocabulary before they embark on more in-depth education in the faith.

Parents, youth ministers, and those who wish for a simple introduction to the Catholic faith will also find Faith Alive valuable.

Faith Alive is set out in three parts. Part 1: ‘Believe’ presents the key teachings of the Catholic faith. Part 2: ‘Celebrate’ explores how we encounter Christ in the sacraments. Part 3: ‘Live’ examines how we should live according to the moral teachings of the Catholic faith.

The book also contains three very useful appendices: a Faith Summary of key teachings of the Catholic Church; Catholic prayers and practices; and an extensive Faith Glossary.