Thursday, January 30
Celebrating Vocations

Today we celebrate vocations and the many ways people respond to God’s call.

The root of the word vocation is vocare, the Latin word for “call.” Through Baptism, God calls each of us by name. We also believe that God calls each and every one of us into discipleship. There are many different ways to respond to that call. When we celebrate vocations, we celebrate all of the ways people respond to that call.

Three Ways to Celebrate the Vocations-School Connection

  1. Invite a variety of guest speakers to share how they believe they are responding to God’s call in their lives. Include students, teachers, and school and parish staff members in your invitation.
  2. Write letters of thanks or prepare gift baskets for the priests, deacons, sisters, and brothers who serve your school and/or parish.
  3. Teach the Vocations section of Our Catholic Heritage (Blest Are We Faith in Action) or Key Teachings of the Catholic Church (Be My Disciples).

Each chapter of Be My Disciples highlights a Disciple Power virtue and leads students to answer God’s call by making faith choices to live as disciples of Jesus in the world today.