Sunday, January 26
Celebrating Your Parish


Today we celebrate the integral connection between parish communities and Catholic schools. 

Each Sunday, the parish community comes together to celebrate the Mass. During Catholic Schools
Week, many parishes invite adults and students from the school community to take a special role in the 

Three Ways to Celebrate the Parish-School Connection

  1. Invite the parish and school choirs to combine talents in leading the music at Sunday Mass.
  2. Have students make ahead of time thank you cards or special prayer cards to distribute to parishioners at the end of Mass. Messages could be simple, such as “Thank you for supporting our school” or “Please pray for our students and teachers.”
  3. During the announcements, take time to invite teachers, students, and staff to stand. Also recognize former students and staff members, and parents of students currently attending your parish’s Catholic school.



Catholic Prayers and Practices for Young Disciples and Catholic Prayers and Practices contain the Order of Mass, including the responses and longer prayers of the Mass (Gloria, Creed, and Eucharistic Prayer acclamations). Major signs and symbols of the Church—many a part of the Mass—are also explained.