Saturday, February 1
Celebrating Families

Today we celebrate the domestic Church, the “Church of the home” and the support that parents and guardians provide to Catholic schools. 

Parents are the first teachers of the faith to their children. Catholic schools support parents in their ministry of handing on the faith to the next generation. The Take Home and Get Connected pages in each chapter of Blest Are We Faith in Action and the With My Family page in each chapter of Be My Disciples help parents continue reflection on God’s Word, prayer, and faith-sharing in the home. 

Three Ways to Celebrate the Family-School Connection

  1. Create a large-scale family tree celebrating all families in the school.
  2. Host a potluck dinner and a game marathon for families and friends of the school
  3. Be faithful in sending home the Take Home, Get Connected, or With My Family pages from Blest Are We Faith in Action and Be My Disciples.


Product Highlight:    
Family Life, Our Family Devotions, and Our Family Prays

In addition to its best-selling Family Life series, RCL Benziger offers two resources for devotional and seasonal prayer in the home. Our Family Devotions celebrates the many ways that Catholics throughout the world celebrate their faith. Each of the thirty-nine devotions provides a background page and suggestions for celebrating the devotions as a family. Our Family Prays offers seasonal and daily prayer suggestions for families.