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Catholic Schools: Inspire, Lead, and Form

By Anne Battes, Publisher

Catholic schools encourage and promote ‘developing the whole child in Christ.’ This phrase captures the image that the child or young person is surrounded in daily life by the teachings and practices of Jesus Christ. As part of the larger Catholic community, Catholic schools, in support of the local Church, invite students, families, and staffs to grow in their understanding that Christ is at the center of our lives in everything we do.

We are inspired by real life stories of families working hard to provide a Catholic school education for their children. Families who choose not to take vacations, or choose to work two jobs to ensure that their children receive not only a quality education, but also one infused with faith, virtues, and discipleship.

We are inspired by the work of young people from Catholic schools making a difference in the community through service projects, joint community projects to problem solve, and learning the importance of civic involvement. At World Youth Day in Rio, Pope Francis said to the young people, “The Church needs you, your enthusiasm, your creativity, and the joy that is so characteristic of you.” Catholic schools welcome, invite, and engage young people in a life of faith within the Catholic Church.

We are inspired by the talents of staff serving in Catholic schools who tirelessly give of themselves to be role-models and disciples of Jesus Christ. Staff works with students to enable them to create the world of their dreams based on the Gospel message.

We are inspired by our parishes supporting Catholic schools from the leadership of the pastor, pastoral staff, and parishioners. Students and families learn about supporting parish life as part of the faith community and practicing life of the Church. Catholic schools provide an instrument of evanglization for parishes.

Catholic schools breathe life into the future of the Church as collaborators and sharers of the faith from one generation to the next. RCL Benziger is proud to support Catholic schools that inspire, lead, and form the missionary disciples of today and tomorrow.

Anne Battes is the Publisher of RCL Benziger.