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About RCL Benziger

Dear Partner in Ministry,

2014 is shaping up to be yet another exciting year for our ministry. I’m excited to share with you that RCL Benziger’s new religious education program, Be My Disciples, has gone through the conformity process and is fully available for schools and parishes, including Junior High, bilingual, and eBooks. With over 200 years of tradition, innovation, and experience, RCL Benziger also addresses digital solutions for spreading the Gospel message.

Digital Disciples
Digital discipleship can be learned, lived, and shared through Be My Disciples new eBooks, which build on the success of this unparalleled program. The new interactive eBooks for Be My Disciples (School, grades 1-6) and Junior High (grades 7–8), provide a leading-edge solution to both teach and learn the faith. Stories and lessons come alive in the new digital format, which works seamlessly on all tablets and smartphones. We invite you to learn more by visiting, and while you are there, sign up for a free demo. We are also pleased to announce that our Blest Are We: Faith & Word Edition School program will also be available in eBook format in 2014!

Sean mis Discípulos
RCL Benziger is pleased to announce the launch of Sean mis Discípulos, the bilingual Spanish version of Be My Disciples. This new religious education program for grades 1–6 includes a special faith and culture feature for every unit that explores popular devotions from Latin America. Don’t miss this and our many other bilingual resources!

Be My Disciples Junior High (Grades 7-8)
The young person’s faith journey to encounter Christ and to serve the Church’s mission continues with our new Be My Disciples Junior High program, which features the Road to Emmaus story told in captivating fashion and weaved throughout the text. This engaging program enables schools and parishes to empower students, their families, teachers, and catechists to further deepen their lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis continues to inspire us to live the call to discipleship, and it is with great pleasure and honor that we continue to support you in your ministry with our wide array of print and digital resources.

Our gratitude for all you do to “Go and Make Disciples!

Peter M. Esposito

Our Mission Statement

RCL Benziger is a team of resourceful and creative people dedicated to providing the Catholic community with the highest quality products, programs, and services which are rooted in the Christian faith. We are customer focused and committed to enriching the lives of individuals, families, and communities worldwide. We value integrity, respectful collaboration, enthusiasm, and sound business principles.