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Steve Angrisano

A veteran musician, composer and youth minister who has been featured at 6 World Youth Days, several National Catholic Youth Conferences and many diocesan youth conventions/conferences, Steve Angrisano’s easy, honest style of ministry is born from who he is: a committed witness to the life and love of Jesus Christ. No matter if the song is deep and moving like Welcome Home or a driving anthem calling us to discipleship like Go Make A Difference; whether the event is in an arena with tens of thousands of people, a parish mission where hundreds participate, or a weekend youth retreat with only dozens gathered, there is a consistent awareness that Steve is not just a performer. His genuine and sincere desire to bring everyone to a closer relationship with the Lord is what gives each event its own distinctive spiritual energy.

Steve Angrisano is undoubtedly one of the most effective and versatile ministry leaders in the Church today. Those who are young (and young at heart) embrace the passionate message of faith, hope and love woven throughout his music and storytelling. Always rooted in a spirit of humility and faithfulness, Steve has a keen intuition regarding the needs of any audience and engages them with his unique blend of humor, song, story and interaction. This makes him both a natural and popular choice for diverse parish, diocesan, national and world-wide events.

Though Steve spends a great deal of time in any given year on the road (indicated by tens of thousands frequent flyer miles he’s earned) and his life may seem to be a whirlwind of activity with little time left to be ‘contemplative’, he is a man of deep prayer who is devoted to his wife Jenni and their three children. He has often said that he LOVES being Catholic and encourages each of us to remember that to be holy means to start where we’re at right now, because we are all called to be saints.


Sister Maureen Sullivan, OP

Sister Maureen Sullivan, OP, Ph.D. is a Dominican Sister of Hope from New York.  She is being sponsored here by RCL Benziger; she serves as a religion consultant for the company. For the last twenty-two years she has taught theology at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire.  

Sister Maureen received her MA in Religious Studies from Manhattan College and her Ph.D. from Fordham University, both of which are in the Bronx.  She is the author of two books on Vatican II: “101 Questions and Answers on Vatican II” (2002) and “The Road to Vatican II: Key Changes in Theology” (2007).





Mark Friedman

Mark Friedman is highly regarded throughout the United States as an educator, teacher, and composer of religious music.

Mark Friedman has given keynotes for diocesan gatherings around the country and is a frequent contributor to Today’s Liturgy for Children.








ValLimar Jansen

Traveling to over 85 events annually, ValLimar serves the Church as a composer, singer, storyteller, lector, inspirational speaker and a "mover and shaker!" She conducts retreats, leads parish missions, is a keynote speaker and workshop leader at Youth rallies and performs concerts and intergenerational events. ValLimar does more than entertain, she is a dynamic catechetical resource and a teacher with excellent skills and credentials.

Blessed with an extraordinary voice, ValLimar Jansen is a highly regarded singer, composer and recording artist. She has also served as a college/university professor, a leader of worship and prayer and a workshop presenter at conferences across the United States and abroad.
Known especially for her work with contemporary Christian and gospel styles, she sings a wide range of music, including spirituals and traditional, organ-based choral music. In 2005, with her husband, she released her first solo CD, You Gotta Move.

ValLimar Jansen has a long history of singing sacred music, starting from the age of five and professionally since the age of six. She received most of her training in music and performance at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and she holds professional degrees in the Arts from California State University and The University of California.

She has sung and toured professionally throughout the United States of America, Canada St. Kitts, Jamaica, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, the UK, Israel and Japan. She is in great demand and is continually adding countries to this list!

ValLimar played the role of Beneatha, with the Broadway touring cast, in the European premier of Raisin. She went on to co-author a one-woman musical about the life of Blues legend, Ethel Waters. ValLimar’s musical received a special commendation from the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Today, she tours regionally, nationally and internationally as an inspirational speaker, a storyteller, a song leader, a principal vocalist, and an emcee.

Tom Kendzia 

Tom Kendzia has been a professional liturgical musician for over 30 years, and in 2005, he celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release of his first collection,”Light of the World.” He has appeared in concert and as a speaker throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Far East, and he is regularly featured at national conferences.


Since 2002, Tom has been the music and worship director of the East Coast Conference for Religious Education. Tom’s work takes him to Ireland for 2 months each year. National events include LA Congress, NPM, NCEA, NCCL, FDLC, and NECC. His articles have appeared in NPM magazine, Today’s Parish, and Modern Liturgy.