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Parish Kindergarten

Stories of God's Love Kindergarten Parish

This exciting new Kindergarten program offers Scripture, contemporary stories, activities, prayers, and music designed to sow the seeds of faith. This is a four-session, multi-day format suitable for most Catholic school programs. Stories of God's Love Kindergarten stands alone or logically follows the two levels of the Stories of God's Love preschool program.

No changes were required for the Roman Missal, Third Edition.  


Faith First Kindergarten Parish

Your children will enjoy and identify with our Faith First kids, whose delightful stories are interwoven throughout each chapter. These adventures are designed to capture young children’s enthusiasm and sense of wonder as they begin to build their identity as young Catholics. 

Student books now available with Roman Missal, Third Edition updates! 



Blest Are We Kindergarten Parish

A faith formation program that is foundational, flexible and easy-to-use! The lesson plans follow a simple three-step method: Engage, explore, respond. The parish edition features books to enjoy, plans for creating a religion center, and curriculum connections. A family activity oriented page in English and Spanish extend and enrich your lessons.

Student books now available with Roman Missal, Third Edition updates!